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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 23, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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thanks for watching. stay with us for "good morning america." >> have a great tuesday, . you're watching the station that works for you, now, good morning maryland. >> libya and iran, the third presidential debate now in the books but will it mean anything when voters hit the polls. >> poker, blackjack and jobs promised if you vote yes for gambling. why members of the baltimore area are saying not so fast. >> high school kids getting points for hooking up. where it's happening and how the school is dealing with the issue on this tuesday, october 23rd. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. gorgeous day yesterday. it starteded out chilly but the sunshine came out and hopefully you got a chance to enjoy it.
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>> lynette is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> we are dealing with cool temperatures this morning and not as chilly as yesterday. you can see for yourself. look at westminster coming in at 55. 56 in laurel and 46 in woodbine. yes, take the jacket as you head out. one of the reasons why is we will have warmer temperatures going throughout the day as we will have the west southwest flow. now maryland's most powerful radar is dry. this is the trend for today. dry weather is moving back in. but the only calfot is we will have more -- caveat we will have more clouds. mostly cloudy this morning and sunshine going throughout the day. but there could be more cloud than sunshine. by lunp time, today, the temperature coming in at 71. and it's going to be a warm day topping off around 76. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. beautiful day in store for all of us. if you are using the jfx, there are no delays right now heading into the city.
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looking at a typical 11-minute ride southbound from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. everything is up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. and checking at a live look outside at liberty road at the beltway everything is moving along. no problems towards 95 or using the inner loop through pikesville. here's what it hocks like inparkville at harford -- looks like in parkville at harford road. no concerns. that's a look at your traffic. bayonets and battleships and bailouts that's what you will hear all morning following thethird and final presidential debate. president obama and mitt romney faced off at lynn university. the candidates were forced to answer tough questions on foreign policy. >> reporter: this debate lasted 90 minutes and covered a wide variety of topics related to foreign policy. mitt romney and president obama
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sat side by side and that format didn't stop them from attacking each other. >> attack me is not an agenda. >> the world needs a strong america and it is stronger than when i came in office. >> reporter: in the third and final debate the focus was foreign pole say opportunitymitt romney to go over the president's record. >> what has happened is as we watch the rising tide in the middle east of chaos occur, you see al-qaeda rushing in. >> reporter: in a chance for the president to hit romney on the foreign policy credentials. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but, every time you offered an opinion, you have been wrong. >> reporter: the 90 minute showdown featured heated exchanges like this over the attack on the outs cons will -- consulate in libya. >> we are seeing a pretty dramatic reversal and hopes we had for the region. >> reporter: they took shots at each other's strategy for handling iran. >> during the course of the campaign he he talked as if we
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should take premature military action i think that would be a mistake. >> we shouldn't have wasted the four years to the extent they continued to be able to get that much closer. >> reporter: both linked foreign policy to the health of the american economy. >> the budget we are talking about is not reducing the military spending it's maintaining it i think governor romney has not spent enough time looking at how the military works. >> i won't cut the military budget by a trillion dollars the combination of the budget cuts the president has as well as the sequestration cuts. >> reporter: with the economy being the most issue for voters, it's no surprise they weaved domestic policy and the economy into the conversation during the debate on multiple fronts. as to who won this is a cnn orc poll given to debate watchers. you will see 48% say the president obama won and 40% say mitt romney. we have to wait and see if the
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performances affect the polls in the next week to come. in boca raton, florida, now back to you. >> we are not far away from election day in the baltimore area. state delegates and clergy will gather on the united front. >> they are holding a news conference encouraging marylanders to vote against question 6 and sherrie johnson is here to explain. >> reporter: area clergy and state delegates are coming together at empowerment temple to make their voices heard. they are against question 7 and plan to encourage voters to vote against it on november 6th election day. question 7 seeks to expand gambling advocates claim the ballot initiative would create job and boost the economy and also increase education funding in the state. but some are not buying it. today they express concerns and opposition to the measure and urge voters to vote no on question 7. dr. bryant of empowerment temper and ref rand ce witherspoon with the southern christian leadership
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council are a few of the folks who will attend the event. once again it will be held at empowerment temple ame church on primrose avenue in northwest baltimore that. runs from 9:30 to 11 a.m. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. expanding gambling is not the only initiative maryland vote verse to decide. the dream act question 4 on the ballot is another major issue. today, hundreds of people are expected to attend a rally supporting the measure. more than 800 religious leaders are hosting the event p silver spring. if passed children of undocumented workers will be allowed to get in-state tuition. >> today's ballot will be controversial shall use including question 6 the same sex marriage law. on thursday, ref rand hickman and ref -- reverend hickman and another reverend are urging the reinstatement the woman suspended from her job after
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signing's tigs in favor of putting same sex marriage laws on the ballot. reverend hickman and coates are two of the state's most visible supports of the same sex marriage starring in television ads backing that issue. you've seen the bullets and tones and bullets. hard to believe but first mariner arena turns 50 today. the first event was held at the entertainment center the hometown debut of the clippers hockey team in 1962. reverend martin luth are king junior gave gave a speech there. it's one of the top grossing perhe formance centers in its class but the future remains in jeopardy. during the next few years it could be renamed under new management or could be demolished. 4:37. checking other top stories. a monster energy the popular drink young people turn to for a boost now and then and now a family of a maryland girl who died after drinking the beverage has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the
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maker. members of anais fournier's family says she cranked two 24 ounce monster drinks. -- drank two, 24 ounce monster drinks. her family says she had an underlying heart condition. the makers of the drink are not required to release the amount of caffeine are in the drinks. anais's mother told anderson cooper the laws need to change. >> she-- try to get the fda to step up and regulate them andmake the energy drink company tell how much is in the drinks. >> the monster beveragecorporation released a statement reading in part monster doesn't believe that
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the beverages are in anyway responsible for the death of miss fournier. monster is unavair of a fatality caused by any of its drinks. the fda is investigating reports of five deaths and a nonfatal hart attack linked to monster enhey condition -- energy drinks. the stock lost about 14% of the value on monday. 4:39. they lost their home and pets and personal treasures but they got out alive. this morning, it's up to fire investigators to fying out what caused a fire that destroyed this home in federal hill. crews wouldn't scene throughout the day --crews were on the scene throughout the day dealing with hot spots that kept flaring up due to random belongings. throw other houses were damaged but no one was hurt. a new top cop is in town anthony batch is officially the new commissioner e was confirmed with 13 votes in favor. there was one absent and that
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was councilman gem craft. batch promises the baltimore city police will work hard to tackle crime and earn the pb lake trust. don't left warm weather and warm temperatures fool you. look at some of the video. the national weather service says you should start preparing now get a head -- apresident of the -- ahead of the preps when the cold weather arrive when you need to know stay involved about conditions heading are way and have a emergency kits and thee days of worth of food. nonperishable food and water available and make the go kits in case you need to evacuate can bely. time -- evac wait quickly. lynette. >> we could see cold air moving in as we go into the weekend. i am talking about sunday, monday-all this is the -- monday, all this is the timing for tropical storm sandy n terms of the store -- in terms of thehe snow, it's back off to
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the west. we are not dealing with it but it's in the forecast. looking across the nation, you can see showers and thunderstorms around michigan this morning. this disturbance is going to stay to the north of us as we go through the morning hours. we are going to be seeing clouds moving in here as we go through the morning and also this afternoon. but also we will get nshine in here. so i am going to call it partly cloudy to partly sunny as we go throughout the day. temperature wise this morning, because of the cloud cover and the southwesterly flow, we do have the temperatures rising. we are not as cold as chilly as we were yesterday. ellicott city at 56 right now. 55 germantown. 62 in manchester. 52 in churchville and going towards the eastern shore, a little cooler with the temperature coming in at 51 degrees in centerville and 47 in federalsburg. now back to you. you heard of fantasy football leagues. now some high school students are taking it to new level. >> we will explain what the guys are doing. we will tell you the ways these
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guys can score points. >> harsh winds and heavy rains. friday night's severe weather caused serious damage in parts of our area. how bad was the storm? >> planning a trip for the family, we will tell you the newest places to travel straight from bwi. >> reporter: well, everything is up to speed on interstate 97 just south of the beltway. i will lety know how traffic is- - you know how -- let you know how traffic is shaping up coming up on good morning maryland. and this is new york times square. not too crowded there. stay with us, much more coming up next.
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4:44. thanks for joining us. these days most people are part of some sort of fantasy sports league whether it's football, soccer or golf and for teens in california the league has nothing to do with sports, but it taps into fantasy.
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charley is at the leave desk to explain. >> they are playing it in piedmont california. it's been going on for six years but they recently found out about it. this is how it works. guys graft girls as part of the league and earn points for documented sexual activity. they are rated for how the male students based how far they would go. school official learned about it during an assembly about date rape prevention n letter sent home to parents the principal wrote most girls don't know they are part of the game. parents from the school say they are shocked by learning about this game but they are pleased to see how the school district is handling it. >> i am glad there's strong administration who is willing to take on the issues. as mother of four girls couldn't be happier. >> in the letter the principal explained alcohol is often involved to impair judgment and control. they said younger students are sometimes manipulated by older ones and social demands need to be played out to earn a more popular role in the groups. school said they are addressing
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the situation in a proactive manner and planning a series of campus assemblies with lessons to prevent the activity in the future. >> thanks. 4:46. it was not a wide path of destruction unless your house was in the way. toppled trees and a torn up roof all that happened to donald acorn's place in jarrettsville and now the national weather service confirms what he was thinking since last friday a tornado did touchdown during the strong storms. the national weather service rated it as an ef zero the lowest on the scale. more activity like that in and around the area. weather is changing and becoming more violent. >> absolutely. but you wouldn't know it by yesterday. it was very pleasant and if you have been out maybe a step outside this morning. not as cold as yesterday. >> things could be be changing. don't do this to us. >> yes. things will be changing. lots to talk b let's talk about what's going on -- about. let's talk about what's going
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on in the surface. we are dealing with high pressure and with that we will stay dry for today. but we look up to the north and see a warm front. along the warm front we are starting to see showers. mostly the showers will stay to the north of us. pennsylvania, new york will be getting in on the wet weather today. we will see clouds drifting in here as we go through the morning and also the afternoon. and we are going to get some southwesterly flow in here so that's going to help warm the temperatures up going through the morning and the afternoon. we can start you out right now. heading out the door, 56 dedressin towson 46 in perry hall and 47 in bel air. you need the jacket as you head out but you don't need the heaviest coast like yesterday. this is -- coat like yesterday. this is where it breaks down. we are looking at tropical storm sandy. so remember i showed you this yesterday it was not a storm yet but had an 80% chance of becoming so. it has done that. the wind sustained at about 45 miles an hour and it's stationary. it's not moving you can see it right there. but, the path is to take this
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over cuba, this track keeps it away from floor. in the next forecast i will shock show you two tracks it could -- i will show you two tracks it could take. by saturday it's in the at lant he can but it will move up the coast and could stay away from us or come inland. no matter what we are thinking we could be seeing coastal flooding across the area. but for today, we are going to be pretty quiet. we can see the shower i was talking about mainly staying to the north of us as we go through time bringing up a couple clouds across the area. we will see more sunshine as we go through the next several days and also some warmer temperatures. for today, 76 degrees. partly sunny by tonight. partly cloudy and it will be mild with the temperature at 55 degrees. it will be even warmer tomorrow with the sun-cloud mix and as we see it will turn stormy into sunday and monday courtesy of a
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cold front and sandy. let's check the not the weather of the traffic let's go laurenwhat do you have for us. >> reporter: traveling in howard county this morning, there's nothing to get in your way. interstate 70 is nice and clear from columbia pike over to 695. no concerns on the beltway. it's nice and clear all the way around. and if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway, as we check in and look live outside, here in hunt valley no problems to report from shah one road down to the beltway and here's what 95 locks like in white marsh. -- looks like in white marsh a15 minute ride from white marsh to downtown baltimore. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now back to you. news time 4:49. paying more for organic foods may not add up to more nutritional value for your kids. a new study from the american academy of pediatrics shows no evidence organic foods are better than conventional foods. pete triggss say both types --pediatricians say both types offer the same amount of
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vitamins but organic foods contain fewer pesticide. they say parents should feed children lots of vegetables and fruits. if you take supplemental hormones after menopause there are significant risk of dementia and breast cancer although the hormones may help to reduce the risk of bone fractures and strokes health experts recommend against giving it to women after a hysterectomy. home owners in baltimore city you could get a tax breakthe paperwork you have to complete before the year is up to help you save money.
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as you head out the door you will be able -- bci
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thurgood marshall airport. next airplane air tran will offer a daily flight to punta cana in the dominican republic. southwest will have three flights to flint michigan pending government approval. now you can learn something about each of the people at arlington national cemetery. they created a interactive map available through the website and smart phone app and you can hone in on graves and search by name. the presidential debates may be over but independent candidates want you to know where they stand on everything. tonight, on cspan they will be debating today. the contusion candidate is a newly formed justice party. the man accused in the 2000 bombing attack on the uss control is on trial. it's -- cole is on trial this
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week. he is is accused of planning to bomb the cole in yemen and attack two other ships. today tech fans will find out what apple's latest gadget will be. they plan to hold an event at one today. many speculate that it could be the unveiling of the ipad mini. it comes with a smaller screen and it's a little cheaper than the ipad and it's going to be about less than 150 dollars. but we have to wait and see. so the iphone is getting bigger is that right and the ipad smaller. >> yeah and they are going to meet in the middle and merge and you will be able to make phone calls from the ipad. >> while reading your phone. >> right. >> a book on your phone. >> everything is changing and it helps people when talking about the smart device that is you can access the abc2 smart phonean. >> and it comes in handy when you want to know the temperature and when we have big storms. we will see what sandy does but for right now we are dealing with maryland's most powerful radar and it's nice and


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